Family Law

The firm practices in the area of family law including divorce, custody, support and adoption.



We understand that a divorce is a difficult time in peoples’ lives and we strive to provide our clients with the representation they need to achieve a fair settlement and resolution of the property and other divorce issues. We provide a full evaluation of the client’s rights under the Divorce Code and analyze each client’s individual situation and provide frank advice in order to provide for an amicable settlement. In the event an amicable settlement cannot be achieved, we will provide aggressive representation including representation through the Divorce Master proceedings, Domestic Relations, and exceptions and appeals through the County and State Appellate Courts. We also employ the latest computer software technology to evaluate the assets, debts and settlement proposals.



Resolving custody issues can be a very difficult and stressful matter. We will provide counseling and information to help you achieve a fair resolution. In many cases, custody issues can be resolved between the parties with the advice of their attorneys. In the event that an agreement cannot be achieved our firm will provide aggressive representation in the court process.



Both child support and spousal support may be available in a divorce or separation depending on a number of factors including physical custody of the children and incomes of the parties. In Pennsylvania, support is based on the guidelines under Pennsylvania law. An estimate of the support payable under the guidelines includes an analysis of not only the custody and incomes of the parties but also other factors such as mortgage payments, health insurance costs, childcare costs and other factors. Many, if not all of the support estimates available online do not take into account these factors and therefore may be significantly erroneous. As part of our representation we will provide the support estimates and counsel you on how to proceed in achieving or minimizing support payments.



An adoption is an exciting and rewarding event. We are here to represent you and guide you through the legal process so as to achieve your adoption as smoothly as possible.