Real Estate


Our firm provides representation for individuals and businesses for the purchase and sale of real estate. For our complete description of this service please refer to our real estate purchase and sale information.

We also provide representation regarding real estate including the following:



Our Firm provides representation in land disputes relating to title, easements and right-of ways, adverse possession, title defects and other real estate matters. We will analysis your dispute and offer suggestions for resolution. If an amicable resolution cannot be reached we can pursue legal action on your behalf.



We provide representation for commercial and residential leasing matters to both landlords and tenants. We advise landlords not to rely on “form” leases, and instead work with an attorney to create their own lease to meet their specific needs and comply with the law. Many forms are inadequate or are not properly used. For example, many form leases have “tough” provisions which are not actually enforceable and yet fail to have the desirable strong provisions which are permissible under the Landlord Tenant Act. Residential leases must comply with the Plain Language Law. There are also certain disclosures under certain circumstances such as the lead paint disclosure. Real estate is a huge investment and we can help protect that investment at a reasonable cost.


Municipal Representation in Real Estate Matters

Our firm provides representation relating to real estate in municipal matters such as zoning, subdivision and land development. Please visit this page for more information regarding our services to individuals, businesses and municipalities in Municipal and Governmental Matters.